Web Design

Web design is the field of designing the layout, look and feel of a web site for a organization or an individual.  When the web was in it’s infancy, web designers were considered a jack-of-all-trades in the industry.  They were expected not only to be able to design but also develop the back end coding of a web site.  This was in an age when the Web sites had many limitations on what they could accomplish programming wise because of various limitations.  Many early web sites were heavily saturated with background images, mismatched colors and unformatted text.

Today, designing for the web is so much more than making a website look good or just “work.”  The world’s best web designers know that every photo, every link color, every font affects the way that users perceive and interact with a web site.  Web designers are expected to take the client needs and match those with the needs of the targeted user group to come up with a compromise that helps to achieve the goals of both parties.  This takes intuition, innovation, technical know-how and experience.

Web designers spend countless hours building many prototypes of the smallest aspects of each web site just to make sure that every detail matches the goals of the web site.  Sometimes things like putting a different image on the home page can completely change the perception a user has of your brand.  Tiny changes of color or arrangement on a web site can make be the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity.

Design is only a piece of the puzzle.  Web designers need to understand how advance web technologies work so that they don’t design something that can’t realistically be built.  This takes an artistic touch as well as a solid understanding of advanced web trends, standards, practices and programing.

Web design is not an easy thing to guess at and if you’re not sure about how to design your web site don’t spend precious hours trying to figure it out.  We are professionals with almost 15 years of experience laying out, designing business and organizational presences for the web.  Let us do the work for you quickly, professionally and painlessly!