iNauguration: my Obama shirt that never saw the light of day

Back in December I was thinking it’d be awesome to make a fortune on selling t-shirts through cafepress.  I love Obama and I thought why not combine the two.  You know design a few shirts and have millions upon millions of people buy them.  sound’s simple enough right?

Well one of my designs did ok.  But there was one that would have done better… I’m sure of it.  It was so good and clean and simple and perfect for Obama nuts.  I designed this shirt using a photo that is published and republished all over the world of Obama leaning up against the capitol and when I submitted it to CafePress they told me I couldn’t use it because of the photographers request.

It was his senatorial photo!  Last time I checked this was a fair-use photo beause it was paid for by the government for the poeple… Besides the point.  Anyways here’s the graphic I put together for the inauguration:  Opportunity missed.



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