Grooveshark is my new favorite web application – free music streaming

GrooveShark –

I stumbled on this web app about two weeks ago just after they launched.  This site almost brings a tear to my eye.  The line between flash and web site is completely blurred and they have done an incredible job assembling this product.  It’s beautiful and it does what it says it will do.

The design is simply stunning.  I’m happy to see that the entire visual budgeting didnt just go to the product it self but they empl0yed a beautifully clean and simplistic layout to their entire site, including the help section, artist section and I assume to the backend GUI.

If you havent seen this product it is a must.  It allows you to listen to music entirely for free much like pandora but instead you can choose what you’d like to listen to.  Not only that but you can send individual song permalinks to friends if you ever wantd to play a song for someone who would enjoy it.  Now you don’t need an iPod or a fast internet connection on both ends to send it to them.  You can send them a link and they can stream it.

Good work GrooveShark, you can bet I will be using your services on a regular basis.

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